Vinyl Siding

 Oracle/Craneboard - These are complete insulated wall systems with absolutely no compromise.  They have a soft, low gloss finish and authentic true-milled woodgrain that have been captured directly from actual milled panels of cedar.  Its durable, maintenance free exterior is fused with contoured insulating foam-creating the ultimate exterior wall covering.  All of these products are backed by a Lifetime Warranty, which includes automatic transferability and no deductibles, fees or service charges.  It is the strongest warranty in the industry.

Profiles:  Quad 4", Quad 4.5" Dutchlap, Triple 6", Double 7"



American Dream Edge- When choosing siding for your home, you want to make sure that it will maintain quality good looks for a lifetime.  American Dream Edge is engineered with several distinct features which makes it a superior product such as the thicker Windbraces nail hem and the SlipStop locking system.  Great for any exterior project.  

Profiles:  Double 4", Double 4" Dutchlap, Double 5" Dutchlap


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Duraside is a foam back reinforced vinyl siding product that is an economical option to the industry leading Craneboard Solid Core premium vinyl siding.  This product gives you improved R value, higher impact resistance, and sight lines in comparison with standard vinyl siding installed with a separate foam backer.  

Profile:  Double 5" Dutchlap 

white     breeze    blue    parchment

              white                           breeze                           blue                        parchment

beige      ivory lace    dusk     sand

           beige                          ivory lace                       dusk                             sand

winter-wheat     Canvas    grey     conifer

      winter wheat                     canvas                             grey                          conifer

mink     raffia

            mink                             raffia

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