Cornerstone by Weather Barr is an excellent single hung replacement window that is an economical alternative to the top of the line full feature double hung window without sacrificing the majority of the quality and energy savings of the highest effiency products.  Manufactured by 70 year old family owned company, these windows come with a lifetime warranty and are availble in three colors.

Solid Colors


      White                           Beige                  Clay


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Discount Siding Supply, L.P. is Lead Safe Certified by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment as a Licensed Renovation Firm.  By law, anyone who disturbs more than a few square feet of painted area on a home (think replacement windows, doors, etc...) MUST be Lead Safe Certified by the State of Kansas and follow Lead Safe Practices while doing the work on your home.  Do not endanger those who live in your home by not using a Licensed Renovation Firm to complete your project.  Additional information can be obtained on request from Discount Siding Supply, L.P. or the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

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